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Segway E110 50cc Equivalent Electric Moped


£1,649.00 plus on the road fees*


Are you considering switching to an electric scooter? Segway makes that decision easy!

With a range of up to 75 km, the choice between 5 colors, many features accessible via the mobile app such as the Airlock System and the RideyGo, the question no longer applies! Discover a new, clean and smart way to get around.

*Tested under ideal conditions

  • Range up to 75 km*
  • Golden Riding Triangle
  • Anti-theft function with AHRS
  • Smart Lock/Unlock System (RideyGo)
  • Airlock System
  • Sensor Detection (Parking and Seating)
  • EBS: Energy-restoring braking system
  • Smart features in the mobile app
  • Smart Battery Management System
  • A movable battery is included
  • Roadworthy including registration

Anti-theft activated by AHRS

Thanks to the AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) your Segway eScooter E110S Arctic White is protected against theft.

The integrated 4G compatible SIM card and GPS can track the location of the eScooter at any time. In addition, the smart security system of the Segway eScooter E110S Arctic White detects any irregular movement and sends a notification to your smartphone within seconds. Finally, once the eScooter is locked with a battery inside, unusual actions such as pushing, moving or accessing the vehicle will trigger the alarm system. 

Introducing the intelligent RideyGo! system

The Segway eScooter E110S Arctic White features the intelligent RideyGo! system that enables new functions such as the Airlock system, the parking sensor and the Smart Seat Detection. The RideyGo saves you precious time! You don't have to search for your keys or even take your smartphone* out of your pocket, because the Segway eScooter E110S Arctic White will automatically lock and unlock when you are within 2-10 meters thanks to the Airlock system. Then, thanks to the two sensors on the parking stand and the seat, you can simply get on the eScooter and go!

*Bluetooth connection between eScooter and smartphone is required

Smart UX dashboard

The intuitive digital and colored dashboard gives the driver all the necessary information at a glance: speed, battery level, various messages (turn signals, error code, READY sign, etc.), driving mode, Bluetooth connectivity and much more. The LED lights on either end of the screen will change color depending on the status of the eScooter:
– Orange: The parking stand is not retracted or there is no rider on the seat
– Blue: you are ready to go!
– Red: warning or error
– Green: continuous energy recovery (EBS) 

*Bluetooth connection between eScooter and smartphone is required

Golden Riding Triangle, for a Golden Journey

The Segway eScooter's structural design has been optimized to provide a smooth, premium riding experience. The placement of the battery compartment under the foot pedal lowers the vehicle's center of gravity. This placement gives you the agility and stability you need during your ride, as well as plenty of under-seat storage (27 L). The Golden Riding Triangle provides a balance to make your posture as pleasant, comfortable and safe as possible.

Upgrade your Segway eScooter E110S  with the mobile app

In addition to the physical key, the Segway-Ninebot app has an integrated smart key on your smartphone.

The smart mobile app also offers many other useful functionalities such as: 

– Locking and unlocking the eScooter (Airlock system)

– Provides data for every ride

– Tells where you parked

– Anti-Theft System: Sends notifications when the eScooter moves and lets you track it

– Gives you access to after-sales service

And much more… 


Smart Matrix LED Headlight 

The LED headlight is designed with a unique matrix structure and a full horizontal display for a wider beam and increased visibility.

Offering a premium experience, the headlamp follows the Segway's mission to always build smarter and more energy-efficient products.

Customize and choose the driving mode that suits you

Depending on which model (25 km/h or 45 km/h model), there are 3 driving modes that can be customized on the mobile app and easily toggled with the and – button on the handlebar. 

Mode 1 is the slowest and most economical mode, so you benefit from a longer battery life.
Mode 2 is the default mode, the perfect balance between battery life and speed.
Mode 3 is the fastest mode, with which you reach the maximum speed of your eScooter.

To add more comfort to the driving experience, you can also activate the cruise mode directly and easily on the steering wheel.

Safe braking system

The Segway eScooter E110S Arctic White has separate hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear. Combined with our advanced EBS (Electronic Braking System), this provides a controlled and safe braking environment while at the same time recovering energy.

Tuned shock absorption

The shock absorption system (front and rear) on the Segway eScooter absorbs road vibrations and lifts bumps for a smoother ride. Even on difficult terrain, the Segway eScooter E110E impresses.

Take advantage of the Smart Battery Management System (BMS)

The Segway eScooter E110S Arctic White has the Smart Battery Management System (BMS) 6.0 which ensures a longer battery life and offers several smart functions.

Thanks to the BMS 6.0, the eScooter requires less maintenance. Not only will it monitor the amount of power, control the charging speed, and adjust real-time information when the battery runs out, but it will also prevent the battery from overcharging/undercharging.


*On the road fees are £150 for 1st Registration, Pre Delivery Inspection and L Plates.

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