Advanced Rider Training with Pass Bike

Advanced riders use the system called Road Craft. This is the same system used by the emergency services and its available to you through a Pass Bike Advanced rider course. 

We are not using blue lights, although some of our instructors are Blue Light emergency services trained! However the same system of machine control, planning, attitude and responsibility run through the training we provide. 

Scheduled over six two hour sessions in small groups your instructor will take you through the system of Road Craft, setting homework to practice before the next session. The course starts with an assessed ride and feedback session which covers all of the topics of the course.

Its not a test, the instructors at Pass Bike have an excellent reputation for helping and supporting your learning. 

Course Costs £60 per session. A whole course package is available £359 a certificate of completion is presented after all of the sessions are completed successfully.


Course Entry requirements:

Full A or A2 category licence and twelve months riding experience, you own motorcycle that should be in good roadworthy condition all the appropriate apparel for riding a motorcycle.

 Pass Bike is delighted to offer extra modules including specialised approved training for Blood Bike Volunteers.

Advanced riding courses can be gifted as a voucher, please feel free to give our office a call on 01702 619423.

Call 01702 619423 and speak to a member of the team who can confirm the date of your course (and answer any questions you have)


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